Tuesday, June 2, 2009

we have arrived!

in the BIG and WINDY city of chicago...

and it is big and it is windy and a little bit chilly. that cruise on the river tonight should be snugglishious....

travel day was good. we played lots of games and i think i have lost my voice leading those games on the bus. good thing my typing fingers were not injured at all! 

moody Bible institute is very dorm like and seems very safe and well protected. tina mason already set off the alarm on the elevator by trying to go to the boys' floor... BIG NO NO at moody.

we had a HUGE breakfast at the hotel in bowling green (that seems like WEEKS ago and it was just this morning) and we stopped once for lunch. we arrived a little bit early so we had a few minutes of free time to blog and post a few photos from the day....

by the way, you canNOT imagine how THRILLED erin (my blogging computer source) and i were to see EIGHT comments on our last post. it made waking up at 4:45 a.m. worth it....


not quite...

but it might make us try to blog later tonight with cruise photos since we have FANS!!!!!! we are all about the applause... oh, and the service to our Lord and King.

yup, all about that...

we are off to "forget ourselves" and yet remember to carry our room keys....

should we start a poll of how many of the 6th grade boys will forget their room keys EVERY time they leave their room?????????????


  1. lea has lost her voice:
    one prayer request answered.
    hope no pirates hit the cruise boat tonight!
    have fun- adam

  2. Yes! Post photos for your fans! Have fun too.

  3. Six grade boys and room keys....hmmm, good luck! Have fun tonight!

  4. Love the blog! I am afraid to ask who the Kentucky Chicken Bucket head is. Have fun tonight! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  5. Colonel Buckhead - i want clues to figure out. We are soooo ur fans as u make a beautiful noise to the Lord. Way to go Tina tripping off the alarm - after orientation? I am sure it was for a "teachable moment". Megan Ramba - hello my girl!

  6. Love the photos! Someone really needs to keep an eye on Mrs.Tina...I always knew she was trouble! Hope you guys were able to go on the cruise tonight.
    May I send you sunshine mail via text?
    I'm also curious about the KFC mystery man!

  7. Tina's Dad, Carl CreasmanJune 3, 2009 at 4:24 AM

    Let it be said, from Tina's father, that my little girl would never do anything wrong, therefore she certainly was trying to help those 6th grade boys get their room open!