Wednesday, June 3, 2009

happy sixteenth birthday to this boy!

samuel (or as the waitress last night called him "sammy") spends his birthday on choir tour EVERY year! what a guy. he thinks it is all one big birthday party for him (and we don't tell him any different because we don't EVER want him to not be here with us)...

we LOVE you SAMMY. i especially loved the rendition you did last night mocking me for spilling my little sundaes. you are a funny guy. and you are now also on my REVENGE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD AND LEA MARSHALL LOVES TO HELP THE LORD list.


  1. Happy Birthday Samuel!
    Jill N

  2. Happy Birthday Samuel!!

    Happy Anniversary (belated) June and Grady - love the picture!!

    Lea, those Sundaes look like my Jenny Craig desserts. What's up with that??
    Now who is Col. Sanders man???? Love ya'll Penny

  3. Nana and Pops say Happy Birthday to our Samuel!!!!!!!! We love you lots and miss you. We are super proud of the young man you have become and your faithfulness to Christ!

  4. Happy Birthday Samuel! Hope you had a great birthday in Chicago!

    I am really craving some Kentucky Fried Chicken! Wonder why?

  5. Lynn is kinda giving it away if you can read between the line.