Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and we are up and ready for day 2

it is 5:42 bowling green time. which is early no matter what time it is. 

erin just said to me, "have you looked outside? it looks like kentucky."

and i looked and it DID look like kentucky. as if i knew what kentucky was supposed to look like... at 5:42 a.m.

we are going to have breakfast, load the bus, and get on the road again.

today we travel to chicago. we get a tour of moody Bible institute where we are staying (learn all the moody rules by heart) and then we are schedule to go an a architectural cruise on the chicago river however that will depend on the weather. 

i think there will be a lot of sleeping on the bus today. that is my plan. i know the Lord has plans for me... and i hope His plans include me sleeping... because that would be a plan for good and not for evil. that would be a plan to prosper me and not to do me harm. or for me not to do harm to others who have other plans that might include pokemon movies....


  1. Bless you Lea!! I can not believe your devotion to be up and blogging this early. Thank you!! Even though I could not go on the trip, I must say, reading your blog and keeping up with all of you makes me feel like I am right there! Thank you and all of the other Chaperones for your dedication to this Youth Group!
    May you all have a blessed day!

  2. I hope the weather cooperates for the cruise tonight. Chance of rain lowered a bit since yesterday. I would love to see the photos from this!
    I hope you all get a good nap on the bus! Jill

  3. Erin Westberry. The Poet Laureate of Choir Tour 2009. Always the speaker of the obvious. And completely cracking me up.
    Now go get some sleep after the sin that you committed which was 5:42 am. Ouch.

  4. Hope all is well. And that you are sleeping...

  5. Thank you for the blog this am. I put on my life preserver and took a cruise in today's devotional regarding the different ships. I hope you had some beeswax to put in your ears to gaurd yourself against the pokemon movies. My prayers for safe travel, good reflections, and beautiful weather for the evening.

  6. p.s.- your kid is fine. nothing to worry about. nothing at all.

  7. Lee, thanks for the extra effort to do this. Even grandparents in Tennessee can keep up with what you guys are doing. Looking at the schedule quickly shows me that you had better be adept at sleeping on the bus! Use the time the boys are watching Pokemon and sleep, sleep, sleep! That is a much better use of your time.

  8. Okay, I was almost regretting not being able to go this year until I saw that 5:42am thing. Staying here to go on my 25th anniversary trip is looking better all the time!!Have fun!

  9. Glad you made it safely to Chicago. Have fun while sahring the love of God!

  10. I MISS YOU!
    And E.Dub of course!