Thursday, June 4, 2009

late night posting...

but posts a lot of photos. i have no words and fewer brain cells left. it was a BIG day. hopefully i will have some time and some REFRESHED brain cells in the morning to really explain some of the great moments of the day...

first couple of pictures are from room checking in the morning. we have some kids who are VERY into the room checking and are doing EVERYTHING they can to pull out all the stops and make their rooms special. that includes origami towel sculptures, candy bribes for the judges, and even original songs for the judges... oh, and they are keeping their rooms very neat too. you could bounce a quarter on those beds. and yes, we tried it.

then there is that lovely necklace bought by becky liner at the feed my starving children food bank yesterday. and here is the quote that went with the necklace, "i bought jewelry AND feed starving children! how much better can it get?"

we had an amazing morning at the pacific garden mission. amazing. and i really hope that the kids listened to the guys giving the tours. their stories could be the stories of ANY of our kids. but we serve a God of 2nd and 3rd, and 567th chances.

and just why is jonathan mason holding luke byler? some questions cannot be fully answered on this blog.

then to portillo's for lunch and hot dogs. yumerlicious. that is all i need to say.

and then straight to the cerebral palsy center. they were so sweet and as you can see, they really love interacting with the kids.

tonight we had GREAT stuffed pizza and LOTS of it. and then onto comedysportz. which was soooooo fun. and luke byler was called up on the stage. and we laughed a lot.

and now i need to sleep a lot.


  1. What creative youth! I wish mine would do this at home. I guess I need to have a contest!
    Looks and sounds like another successful day. And thanks for the photos. I see BOTH my kids so my day starts off great! Jill N

  2. Once again, we begin our day by enjoying this post. It is such a joy to see (and share in this way) the many activities of these young people in sharing the love of our Heavenly Father. As Jill N said, We see all 3 of our grandkids, so our day starts out great! The only thing that would make it better would be if we were there with them. Regarding Jonathan and Luke, Jonathan often does things that require a lot of explanation, but they are usually for the greater good! Therefore, I will bet that this is to help illustrate some point about the unlimited love of the Father

  3. Sending you a virtual cuppa tea from Starbucks to help get you started this morning. The beds do look like a quarter could bounce on them. What fabulous pictures of the ministry being shared in Chicago. This is the day that the Lord has made - enjoy your fun day! FSU baseball is hosting the super-regionals this weekend. Hopefully we can get several hours of sunshine without rain. White Sox game tonight should be awesome!