Sunday, June 7, 2009

and the awesomeness that is the slideshow...

is also available for download (or just watching over and over and over) at this website....


  1. This is great, but do you have any idea why the only option for download is to ipod or iphone but not to computer?

  2. what it means is that you are downloading it at a small size and it won't be really large enough to look good full screen on a computer or t.v. you can download it and watch it on your computer but at full screen it would be fuzzy (but it will look just as good as the one on the website). sorry for the confusion. it is a BIG file and to send it in full size would take a LONG time to upload and a lot of space.


  3. Hey Lea, I am Andrew Stahl's aunt Sherri from Jackson,MS and I have been trying to view the pictures but can not get to them on computer. I do not have a google account, I have a yahoo account. How can I go about looking at these pictures of the trip? My email address is

    Sherri H Davis

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